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International Students

Norwalk Community College takes great pride in the diversity of its student body, and the international students who attend the institution contribute heavily to the strong sense of tolerance and understanding that is an integral part of the fabric of the school. Students come from all over the world to attend NCC, and the college has become a mecca in Fairfield County for learning and respectful discussion that cuts across social and cultural divides. Everyone is welcome at NCC, and we feel that we have fostered an environment of mutual respect and acceptance that could well be a model for peace and prosperity in the larger world community. We hear every voice, regardless of the language in which it is spoken.

There are substantial 'communities' of students from individual countries within Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas here at the college. Walking through the halls, one can hear the different languages of a vibrant and diverse student body. Students from Connecticut do not need to travel abroad to have their minds broadened by different cultural perspectives; it is all available right here at Norwalk Community College.

Students from abroad are welcomed and nurtured here at the college. Norwalk Community College takes a strong sense of pride in our New England roots of tolerance and equal opportunity, and we can promise every student a warm and embracing environment in which to learn and grow.

Services Available at the College

International students are welcome to attend NCC and may pursue degrees. We will help with admission and registration advising, visa processing and procurement. College, career and personal counseling are also available. The International Students Office can help make the adjustment easier for international students and can help with filling out the required paperwork. Required forms that need to be completed are admissions application, complete high school transcripts with a certified English translation, and letters of residency and an affidavit of support. We will help with visa applications, but you need to bring all the paperwork

Admissions to the College can be for Fall, Spring or Summer semesters. Tuition and fees are based on out-of-state rates.