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Foreign Languages

Welcome to the World of Languages!

Learn a Foreign Language and expand your Horizons. The command of another language provides an understanding of the culture from which that language emerged, an appreciation of its literature, and a clearer picture of the world at large. NCC offers the opportunity to study Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian and Spanish.

Foreign Language Advising Sequence

(Liberal Arts Transfer Program)

The Foreign Language Option under the Liberal Arts Program would enable our students to transfer to almost all the surrounding area four year schools to pursue a Baccalaureate Degree in Modern Foreign Languages.

Why Foreign Languages?

There is a proven interdependence between first and second language learning. A more skilled English student will do better in a F.L. class, as well as a good speaker of a F.L. will have a better outcome in an English class. This tell us that second language educators need to consider the first language as a window to second language development as well as first language educators should be aware that the strength and communication of the learners first language will be built up with the second language.

Most colleges and universities have Foreign Languages as part of their core curriculum. Languages are also taught in High Schools, Middle Schools and many of the Elementary Schools.

In a world whose size diminishes with each technological advance and whose impact on the individual grows through increased communication between people, the study of foreign languages is vital to the development of attitudes.

For more information contact: Prof. Angeles N. Dam. For course description check catalogue. For offerings check schedule.


Angeles Dam, Spanish

Professor Dam received her MA from the University of Granada

Estelle V. Dattolo. Italian

Professor Dattolo received her MA in Italian Language & Literature from the University of Messina, Sicily,Italy