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All instructors are certified in group fitness. 



Group Fitness Courses

Group Fitness courses are open for registration.  Returning students can register online at and new students can register in person at the Records Office located on the East Campus.




Program Description:

Group Fitness classes are a great way for you to get fit and stay fit. All of our classes range from one hour to one hour and thirty minutes per session. Our elite group of certified instructors will guarantee a safe, fun, and challenging experience for all levels of physical fitness. Group fitness classes are a great way to stay motivated and enjoy exercise.

Course Difficulty

B = Beginner         I = Intermediate         A = Advanced         S = Senior Approved

*Courses graded with an S have been evaluated and are suitable for senior citizens. Other courses are not recommended for seniors.

Course Categories

All of our Group Fitness Courses are classified into seven fitness categories. Each category focuses on a different aspect of physical wellness. The categories are as follows:

  • Mind & Body
  • Aerobics Dance
  • Marital Arts
  • Resistance

How to Sign Up

All Group Fitness Courses are 0.5 credits each and are ten week courses. Most of the courses are transferable as physical education credits to select four year institutes. Registration is simple, just come to any fall or spring semester registration and sign up for a class that interests you.

Group Fitness Courses are considered academic and all students will receive a grade of pass or fail. This grade will appear on students transcripts. If you wish to audit the class you can do so prior to the audit deadline as indicated above.

Senior citizens can only register on designated senior registration days and will not be charged for enrollment in any of the Group Fitness Courses.

The Group Fitness Courses are services provided to you by the NCC Pitney Bowes Foundation Wellness Department. Please contact Professor Nicole Hafner at or 203-857-7330 for further details. 

Blended Courses with Extended Studies

All Group Fitness Courses, with the exception of Yoga and Zumba, are offered collaboratively with the non-credit division. Blended courses allow for both credit and non-credit students to attend courses offered in the academic division of the college. All students enrolled in these courses will be expected to adhere to the attendance policies assigned by the instructor. Non-credit students are not required to participate in any of the final evaluations for these courses and will not receive a grade.


You must register for blended courses at our Records Office located on the East Campus. For more information contact Midge King at (203) 857-3337.


Course Descriptions

For additional schedule information please refer to the course catalog and course schedule available on our web page (

Mind and Body CoursesBack to top

HPE 260 - Yoga BS

This 6,000 year old, ancient practice, will teach the student the true meaning of union by combining physical, mental, and spiritual states of wellness. The course is designed to provide the history of yoga, its theory and benefits, and afford the student an opportunity to experience this art first hand.

HPE 135C - Tai Chi BS

Tai Chi originated as a form of self-defense which has evolved into a relaxation technique that provides many physical benefits. This form of exercise includes slow, balanced, low-impact movements that improve flexibility, strength, and balance while reducing stress levels. This course is designed to provide the history of Tai Chi and allow the student to experience its multiple benefits.

HPE 126A - Mat Pilates BI

Developed in the 1920-s by Joseph H. Pilates this form of exercise combines the concept of strong body with strong mind. Mat Pilates will focus on core strength, stabilization, and proper breathing through various movements. The student will not only benefit physically from Pilates, they will also understand its basic theory and fundamentals.

Aerobic CoursesBack to top

HPE 121 - Abs and Lower Body IA

This course is designed to target the mid-section of the body. Appropriate back care, posture, and abdominal exercises will be demonstrated and practiced. The student will be educated in basic concepts of abdominal training and will understand the benefits of strong abdominal and lower back muscles.


This course is designed to target the mid-section of the body. Appropriate back care, posture, and abdominal exercises will be demonstrated and practiced. The student will be educated in basic concepts of abdominal training and will understand the benefits of strong abdominal and lower back muscles.

HPE 280 - Zumba IA

This course provides an introduction to the Latin dance-based fitness program that combines a moderate intensity aerobic workout with a party atmosphere. Students will learn simple dance moves to a variety of international music and how they can be structured into a challenging exercise routine. What constitutes cardio-respiratory fitness and its values to the individual will be discussed.

Dance CoursesBack to top

HPE 279A - Latin Dance BS

This course is designed as an introduction to the Latin Dance of Salsa. The student will have an opportunity to learn basic steps of this dance style, as well as understand its history and the music associated with it.

HPE 270 - Ballroom Dance BS

Ballroom Dancing will afford the student the opportunity to learn basic dancing steps and techniques associated with this style of dance. This course will provide an understanding of the history of Ballroom Dancing.

Martial Arts CoursesBack to top

HPE 146 - Self-Defense(Krav Maga) B

This course introduces the student to the broad area of self-defense from a variety of perspectives. Particular attention is paid toward the teaching of respect, self-discipline, confidence, and concentration. Students will be able to practice tactics to escape and protect themselves against offenders.

Resistance CoursesBack to top

HPE 115 - Weight Training B

This course is designed to give a basic understanding of the effects of resistance training on the human body. The course will include a combination of lectures, demonstrations, and physical activity. The student will understand the fundamentals of lifting, be able to operate all resistance equipment, and develop resistance training protocols.

HPE 108 - Strength and Tone IA

Strength and Tone is a challenging course designed to build muscular strength and endurance in a non-traditional way. This course will teach the student how to use alternate types of resistance tools such as medicine balls, resistance cords, etc. Through this course the student will understand the fundamentals of alternate resistance programs and will be able to develop training protocols for themselves.