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Exercise Science Course Descriptions

"A rewarding career for those interested in developing sound exercise prescription for others, while promoting fitness"

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HPE 105 Introduction to EXERCISE SCIENCE (3 credits)

Prerequisite: eligibility for ENG 101

An introduction of the profession of Fitness Training and the five components of physical fitness. Relates human anatomy and physiology, exercise, and nutrition to fitness and its effects on the body.

HPE 232 First Aid & Sports Injury (2 credits) *

Prerequisite: eligibility for ENG 101

This course will provide an introduction to basic life support skills and the most prevalent sports related injuries that occur in athletics and exercise. Response to injury, basic assessment, treatment, and exercise rehabilitation protocols will be discussed for each injury. The importance of injury prevention and post rehabilitation maintenance will also be discussed in this course.

HPE 241 Exercise Physiology (4 credits)

Prerequisites: BIO 211 and HPE 105

The purpose of this course is to increase the student's knowledge and understanding about human physiology and the adaptations that occur during exercise. An understanding of how the body responds to acute and chronic exercise is crucial for the fitness expert, strength coach, or personal trainer. Emphasis is placed on bioenergetics as well as the circulatory, respiratory, endocrine, metabolic, and neuromuscular responses to exercise. Also discussed are the effects of environmental factors on exercise and the effects of exercise on body composition.

HPE 243 Kinesiology (4 credits)

Prerequisite: HPE 241

This course is designed to give the student a basic understanding of human movement and its applications to anatomy and biomechanics. Students will explore the anatomical structure of each muscle/joint of the body as well as positioning variables, range of motion, and joint kinematics. The student will be able to efficiently apply this knowledge for safe and effective exercise prescription.

HPE 245 Programming and Prescription I (4 credits)

Prerequisite: HPE 105

Students will be introduced to the general theories and fundamentals of clinical exercise testing and prescription. This course will allow students to administer safe and efficient health risk assessments and test procedures for the health-related components of fitness (aerobic, strength, flexibility, and body composition). Students will also be able to interpret test data and apply it to safe and effective exercise prescription.

HPE 246 Programming and Prescription II (3 credits)

Prerequisite: HPE 245

This course is designed to introduce students to theories and techniques of exercise prescription for a variety of special populations (obese, diabetic, pregnant, arthritic, elderly, and symptomatic). Guidelines to appropriate cardiovascular and resistance training protocols for these and other populations will be discussed in detail.

HPE 247 Aspects of Strength and Conditioning (3 credits)

Prerequisites: HPE 245 Programming and Prescription I OR permission of the program director.

This course will offer the student an understanding of physiological adaptations seen with functional resistance and anaerobic exercise to improve daily function and performance-related health components (power, speed, agility, coordination, and balance). Students will be exposed to a variety of scientific principles associated with resistance training design, periodization and functional training. New training methods and equipment will also be discussed as part of the special topics component of this course.

HPE 295 Field Practice with Seminar (3 credits + 135 internship hours)

Prerequisites: HPE 245 and Eligibility for HPE 246

This course is designed to combine classroom seminar with student experiences in a fitness setting within the community. Students will deal with facility management, assessments, individual and group training sessions, and exercise prescription during clinical hours. The seminar session will cover work-related problem solving, career development, administrative issues, resume writing, and other career related issues in the health fitness industry.

* It is required that all students obtain American Red Cross or American Heart Association CPR/AED for the Professional Rescuer at their own cost. The college will not provide this service. Students are expected to maintain appropriate certification during their course of study and internship experiences.