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Work Study Opportunities

Student who receive Financial Aid may also qualify to work on or off campus in the Work Study Program. Students who are interested to know if they are eligible for the Work Study program should contact Gail Stevens at (203) 857-7150 or email  In your voicemail or email please give your full name (First and Last), your Banner ID number and a phone number you may be reached.

Please have your eligibility status checked by Gail Stevens in the Financial Aid Office BEFORE contacting any department about an available position. Students who are not pre-screened for eligibility may be delayed in being hired until they have spoken to Gail Stevens in the Financial Aid Office at (203) 857-7150 or

Students must be taking six (6) or more credits, have money in their Financial Aid package to pay them and be making Satisfactory Academic Progress by Financial standards. If you need to know what Satisfactory Academic Progress means please read Satisfactory Academic Progress Policies or click on Policies on our Home page for more information or stop in the Financial Aid office for a copy of the Satisfactory Academic Progress Policies.

Students who are eligible for the Work Study Program are paid $9.60/hour and can work 15 hours per week, for a total for 30 hours every two weeks. Please note that hours are subject to change due to possible changes in federal, state, and College policies, and/or due to changes in funding levels.


Please Note: Work Study opportunities are available on a first come first serve basis to eligible financial aid  students. Participation in the college work study program is limited to students who are working towards their first degree or certificate program at NCC. Those who have already received their first degree or certificate or have accumulated a minimum of 60 credits, or have received college work study for five years will no longer be eligible to participate in the program. Scare resources combined with the demand for work study positions has necessitated the college's strict enforcement of this institutional policy.