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Non-Credit ESL Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I want to study English. What do I do?

First, go to the Admissions Office, East Campus soon. You need to complete an application ($20) & make an appointment for the placement test. SAVE the receipt!

Placement tests: Does everyone need a Placement Test?

Yes. All new ESL students must take the Placement Test to determine a class level.

Registration: What do I do after the test?

After the test, we will mail you a letter with the results. Non-credit registration begins Tuesday, May 13th for summer and July 23rd for fall. Bring Your Letter with the test results to registration in Extended Studies in Room West 102.

Questions: May I talk to an Advisor?

After you take the test, bring your letter with the test results to NCC and an adviser will help you.

Cost: How much are the classes?

Usually, ESL non-credit fall classes are $329 to $359. You will also need to buy books for about $50 for each class. The best thing is to pay with credit card, check, or money order. If you pay cash for registration, please pay before 4:45pm.

Classes: Are the classes still available?

The ESL classes at NCC are very popular, so please come to the college to complete the application and make an appointment for the placement test soon!

Schedule: What is the class schedule?

ESL non-credit fall and spring classes meet two days a week. Fall semester runs from early September to late December. Morning classes meet 9am-11am, afternoon classes meet 12pm-2pm or 4pm-6pm, and evening classes meet 8pm-10pm. Most Saturday classes meet 9am-1pm.

The ESL credit classes also meet at many different times.

New Students:

You need to complete an application ($20) and placement test soon. We encourage students to take the test as soon as possible, so you can get the class you want.

Please go to the Admissions Office, 857-7060, EAST Campus, NOW!