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FALL 2015

  • Teaching Across Disciplines (TAD) MS Office 2013 & Expression Web:

    • Coming soon for Fall 2015

  • Blackboard Workshops

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Workshop Descriptions:
Getting Started with Blackboard Learn

This workshop will provide instructors with a solid introduction to the Blackboard Learn learning management system.

Everything you do in this session will be grounded in best practices of online course design and delivery. This session includes:

  • Course Menu modification and customization options
  • Uploading a Syllabus
  • Create and organize your course with Content Areas, Folders, Learning Modules
  • Work with Content Collection to upload and organize files (PDFs, PowerPoints, etc.) that you wish to include in your course


Create and Grade Assignments in Blackboard

Prerequisite: Getting Started with Blackboard Learn

This workshop will focus on best practices and practical strategies for incorporating assignments into your online course environment, formatting assignments to help make your instructions and instructor’s expectations more easily understandable to students. Topics and tools to be explored include:

  • Creating and delivering assignments in your course shell
  • Creating Rubrics for assignments
  • Grading assignments in Grade Center


Discussions, Blogs and Journals in Blackboard

Prerequisite: Getting Started with Blackboard Learn

This workshop will focus on practical strategies that will help faculty build a sense of community in their courses, set clear grading policies and expectations related to communications and interactions, and include discussions on various techniques that will encourage participation, interaction, and peer support. Topics to be discussed include:

  • Ceate and manage discussion forums using the Discussion Board
  • Create and use effective rubrics for Discussions, Blogs, and Journals
  • Use the Journals tool for individual reflection and individualized feedback
  • Create course and/or individual student Blogs


Tests, Surveys and Pools in Blackboard

Prerequisite: Getting Started with Blackboard Learn

This workshop will focus on strategies that will help instructors to plan and deliver online tests using Blackboard’s Tests, Surveys, and Pools tool.

  • Creating and deploying tests in your Blackboard course
  • Grading and managing Tests in the Grade Center
  • Working with Pools
  • Overview of how publisher test banks work, what information instructors will need if they wish to use publisher test banks, and what options they have.


Course Design Lab
  • Are you overwhelmed with the amount of content in your current course(s) in Blackboard?
  • Are there items that you think you might use again but are not using now?
  • Do you have duplicates of one or more items?
  • Would you like to re-design your course but you don't no where to start?
  • Are your students having difficulty navigating through your course?


Come to a Course Design Lab and let us help you re-configure your course content so that it does not overwhelm either you or your students. Streamlining your content and getting rid of redundant and superfluous material can make your course more user-friendly for you and your students.


Expression Web - Part 1 & Part 2

These workshops will introduce you to the basic concepts and principles you need to understand when creating web content using Expression Web. Part 1 will show you the basics of how to add content, specifically text, multi-media content, PDF files, forms, etc. and how to add links to other web sites. Part 2 is a hands-on lab where you will be able to create, edit and add content for your specific area.