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What is an e-portfolio?   

An ePortfolio is an electronic version of a paper-based portfolio, incorporating not just text, but all forms of digiital multi-media. It is designed to support a variety of pedagogical processes and assessment purposes. The Catalyst for Learning website will give you an in-depth overview of ePortfolios.

Benefits of electronic portfolios 

The benefits of electronic portfolios are many and varied. The following outlines some of the benefits of ePortfolios:

  • increased learning effectiveness

  • model professionalism

  • reflection on learning

  • help students make connections among their formal and informal learning experiences

  • prompt learners to articulate their learning goals from different perspectives

  • allow students to display learning in ways overlooked or undervalued by other assessment means

  • practical; allows them to place of the their learning/assignments in one place

  • leverage student motivation

  • align objectives and evaluation strategies

  • allows faculty to get a more holilstic picture of their students 

  • respond to calls for greater accountability and outcomes-based accreditation

  • increase transparency for evaluation and benchmarking