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Distance Learning at Norwalk Community College

Click this link to view the spring 2017 on-ground orientation schedule for students taking online/hybrid classes.


Distance Learning Distance Learning

In order to offer our students the most flexibility in planning their class schedule Norwalk Community College provides the option of taking classes ONLINE. NCC uses the Course Management System called Blackboard Learn. These classes allow students to complete the requirements for a specific course when it is convenient for them, whether they choose to work at 4:00 am, 1:00 pm or 10:00 pm. All communications, assignments, tests, etc. take place on the internet. While you DO NOT have to attend "class" at a specific time, you DO need to have strong time management and organizational skills. Online classes are not easier...just more convenient!

In addition to online courses NCC offers courses that are called HYBRID. Hybrid courses are taught partially in a campus classroom and partially online using Blackboard. You will be required to meet on campus during the semester. The dates will vary with each course so when taking a hybrid course make sure to check with your professor about on-campus meetings. We also have classes coded OLCR. These courses are online with a campus requirement that generally means you must come on campus take the midterm, the final or both. Again, you will need to check with the instructor for the exact requirements.


Hybrid courses can be the best of both worlds. You still get to meet with your instructor and your classmates, in many cases on a once a week basis, but this could be as little as two or three times a semester. You get the support of your instructor and your classmates but you do not have to come to campus as often as with fully on-ground classes. You get to work somewhat independently for the online portion of your course.


Support Services is the place you will go first for technical support. The phone number for the CT Board of Regents Help Desk is 860-723-0221.