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Culinary Arts Certificate


Culinary Arts prepares students for employment in commercial and non commercial food operations. It is intended for new entrants, professional advancement and persons seeking re-entry in the industry as well as retraining for a new career. Graduates typically work in a variety of cook, chef and management positions. Most courses in the certificate program are also required in the hospitality management degree programs.


For additional information contact: Dr. Tom Failla, Director, 203-857-7303



Program Outcomes

The Culinary Arts Certificate program enables students to:

  • 1. Practice the technical skills used in food preparation and service;
  • 2. Apply the principles of food identification, food utilization, menu writing,  recipe creation;
  • 3. Acquire basic supervisory skills for effective use of people and resources in foodservice operations;
  • 4. Becomes proficient in the proper use and maintenance of professional foodservice equipment;
  • 5. Identify efficient and effective layouts and workflows for professional kitchens and dining rooms;
  • 6. Explain the history, evolution and international diversity of food products, recipes and menus;
  • 7. Develop the professionalism necessary for working successfully in the foodservice and hospitality industry;
  • 8. Build academic skills and acquire a global perspective in general education related to food preparation and service.