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Business Administration

Mission Statement

To provide an outstanding platform of higher education for transfer into a bachelor's degree program in one of any number of business majors.

Program Description

NCC's Business Administration Transfer Program is designed to provide students with the first two years of education in a four-year program. The curriculum has been designed to meet the first two years' requirements of most four-year colleges and it is fully articulated with the University of Connecticut. Students who successfully complete NCC's Business Administration Program can enroll as juniors in the baccalaureate programs of many four-year institutions.

This program gives students the foundation upon which to continue at a four-year school. Once students graduate from NCC, they can select a major in one of the traditional business disciplines such as Accounting, Finance, Information Management, Management or Marketing. It is recommended that students familiarize themselves with the requirements of the school to which they plan to transfer.

Successful completion of the program leads to the Associate in Science Degree.

Program Outcomes

  • Exhibit well-rounded knowledge of social sciences, humanities, English, mathematics, and science necessary for critical thinking.
  • Demonstrate reasoning, analytical and technological skills.
  • Display the ability to acquire, organize and present information through strong verbal and written communications skills.
  • Possess understanding of ethics and cultural diversity.
  • Demonstrate functional skills in the major disciplines of business including accounting, finance, law, management and marketing.
  • Possess appropriate business behavior and language skills.

For additional information, visit the Business Department offices, located on the west campus, room W207.