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Norwalk Community College Faculty

Norwalk Community College prides itself on the experience and dedication of its faculty. Many members of our faculty have years of experience working in their chosen field of instruction, and they bring a wealth of understanding about the real world to the college. Their knowledge transcends the theoretical. It extends to its application in modern business. The knowledge our faculty members share with our students is practical knowledge, learning that can be applied.

This is accompanied by a solid grounding in theory. Faculty members at NCC employ all of the standard and traditional teaching methods, but they take them one step further. The guiding principle behind the learning experience at NCC is to impart the ability to integrate theory and practice, to combine learning with application. Our faculty reflects that.

Faculty members at NCC are accessible. They are devoted to helping students learn. Teachers do not come to NCC strictly to do research, as they do at some other schools; they come to NCC primarily to teach. Teaching is their passion, and it is evident in every classroom on our campus. Faculty members get to know their students, and they spend time with them, honing skills, imparting wisdom, and sharing concepts in an atmosphere of mutual respect. NCC is a path on the trail of learning and our teachers are the guides. Our faculty members are caring professionals who can help students make their dreams come true.