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Economic Impact of NCC

Norwalk Community College makes a significant economic contribution to Fairfield County and the State of Connecticut.


According to a 2008 report on The Economic Contribution of Norwalk Community College prepared by Economic Marketing Specialists Inc., NCC contributes greatly to the local economy and is a sound investment from multiple perspectives.


NCC students benefit from increased annual incomes and brighter futures. Taxpayers benefit from a larger economy and lower social costs. And the community as a whole benefits from increased job and investment opportunities, higher business revenues and enhanced quality of life.

  • State taxpayers earn a 10.4 percent rate of return on their investment in NCC.
  • Every $1 invested in NCC yields a $3.90 in regional economic benefits.
  • Over the course of his or her working career, the average NCC student’s lifetime earnings will increase $8.10 for every $1 invested in their NCC education.
  • Approximately 93 percent of NCC students remain in Connecticut and contribute to economic growth.
  • The State of Connecticut benefits from improved health and reduced welfare, unemployment and crime, saving the public $2.4 million per year each year that graduates are in the workforce.
  • The NCC impact region economy receives roughly $629 million in regional income each year due to NCC and its students. This figure amounts to roughly 0.9% of the area’s total annual income.


EMSI Inc. ( is a leading provider of socioeconomic impact and strategic planning tools to community colleges in the U.S. and Canada.