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About Norwalk Community College

Norwalk Community College Alumni

Connecticut’s former Lieutenant Governor Michael Fedele is a graduate of Norwalk Community College.


Norwalk Mayor Richard Moccia and major league baseball pitcher Erik Bedard are NCC alums, too.


NCC grads also include author Elizabeth Hilts, a popular non-fiction writer, and Christopher Byron, a columnist and CNN commentator who wrote a bestseller about Martha Stewart.


Other notable alumni include actor Guy A. Fort, who has appeared on Broadway in “The Color Purple” and in TV shows including “The Sopranos.”


NCC alumnus Rodolfo Rodriguez is founder of Open Hearts, Open Doors, a humanitarian organization which brings children from Third World countries to the U.S. for medical treatment. Rodriguez was named a 2009 Distinguished Alumnus of the Year by the American Association of Community College, an honor given to only five community college graduates nationwide.


Graduate Donata Arden is the founder of an orphanage in Africa.


Alumnus Spencer Rubin is an entertainment industry construction grip who has worked on primetime television shows including “30 Rock,” “Ugly Betty” and “The Good Wife.”


Each year, nearly half of all American freshmen attend a community college. There are 1,173 community colleges nationwide, and they educate nearly 12 million students annually. Fifty-nine percent of new nurses and the majority of other new health-care workers are educated at community colleges.



NCC grads keep good company. See the list below of famous community college alumni.

Business, Industry and Media

Brian Williams

NBC National News Anchor


Chuck Scarborough

News4 New York Anchor


Walt Disney

Founder of Disney Land and Disney World


Rich Karlgaard

Publisher of Forbes, Inc.



Education, Literature and Arts

Gwendolyn Brooks

Poet Laureate


Rita Mae Brown

Author, Playwright, and President

American Artists, Inc.




Jim Belushi

Actor and businessman


Charles Dutton



Nick Nolte



John Walsh

Host of "America's Most Wanted" show on Fox Television



Military and Space

Francis DeMasi

Commanding Officer, U.S.S. Normandy, U.S. Navy


Robert Gibson

NASA Space Shuttle Commander


Francis Scobee

NASA Astronaut



Public Service, Government and Non-Profit

Bob Bullock

Lieutenant Governor


State of Texas

Benjamin Cayetano



State of Hawaii


Parris Glendening


State of Maryland


Jeanne Kirkpatrick

Former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations


Mfume, Kweisi






Andy Kindle

Television Sports Director (NFL on FOX Game Director)

FOX Network


Jaime Navarro

Professional Athlete

Major League Baseball


Tom Pagnozzi

Professional Athlete

Major League Baseball


Bridget Pettis

Professional Athlete

Women's National Basketball Assn.


Nolan Ryan

Retired Professional Athlete

Major League Baseball