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About Norwalk Community College


There are dozens of colleges in Connecticut from which to choose. We believe that NCC may be the best place to start, or finish your search.

Vision Statement

Norwalk Community College is the educational center of the community, providing opportunities for intellectual inquiry, open dialogue, multicultural awareness and lifelong learning. Recognizing the diverse needs of its students, the college strives to provide an environment in which they are empowered to achieve their highest potential.

NCC's Mission

Norwalk Community College is the southwestern Fairfield County leader and partner in the academic, economic and cultural lives of our communities, providing comprehensive, accessible, innovative and affordable learning opportunities to diverse populations. To realize this distinctive mission, NCC:

  • Provides a broad range of credit and non-credit liberal arts, sciences, career, technical, associate degree and certification programs leading to transfer, employment and lifelong learning.
  • Supports economic development through partnerships with labor, business, industry, government and our communities, providing workforce development, business development and technology transfer
  • Promotes learner success and inclusion through a stimulating, nurturing learning environment, high quality instruction, support services and co-curricular activities
  • Builds community through the sponsorship of intellectual, cultural, social and recreational events and activities
  • Engages students and community members to become active and responsible leaders in their communities

High School Graduates:

Not sure where to go next? Norwalk Community College is a great place to start your college career. If you don't know what type of job you want later, NCC is the place to find out. If you are not sure if college is for you, NCC can help you decide. Our faculty is here to teach students, not to worry about getting published. Our teachers teach. And our students learn. Once you find out how much fun some courses can be, you may decide to go on to a full four-year college. That's cool, NCC credits are fully transferable. You can start here and finish somewhere else.

Job Training:

At NCC we take a hands-on approach to learning. You'll learn the theories behind your chosen field, as well as have the opportunity to put them into practice. In our classrooms, you will work with computers loaded with the latest software, and you will develop film in our photography labs, hone your artistic talents in our graphic design and art studios, learn to speak another language in our language labs, produce live shows in our television studio, and prepare fine food in our culinary arts kitchens and hospitality suites.

And we can help you earn course credit while working in the "real world" to see if your chosen course of study fits your needs and dreams. At NCC, we let you put your education to work.

Further Education:

This is the 21st Century, and technology is moving quickly. Many of our students have attended college before, but have found that their skills need to be updated in this fast-changing world. Whether you are looking to add a degree or learn new skills that can help with an existing career or hobby, NCC has what you are looking for.


NCC is small enough (about 6,500 students) for you to get to know your teachers and other students. Your faculty advisor and teachers will be available to give you the personal attention that can make your learning fun and your goals attainable. At NCC, you won't get lost in the crowd.


NCC may represent your best "bang-for-the-buck" in Connecticut. Our courses are priced affordably, giving you access to state-of-the-art facilities, experienced teachers and a friendly environment in which to learn. This is especially important if you are still checking things out in an attempt to find the career or major that works best for you. A full year at NCC will cost you less than just a term will somewhere else.

We Keep Good Company

Many successful and famous people have graduated from community colleges in the United States. Some of the better known community college graduates are listed below:

Tom Hanks
Oscar-winning actor

H. Ross Perot
Corporate executive and 1992 Presidential Candidate

Calvin Klein
Fashion Designer

Fred Haise
Apollo 13 Astronaut

Jackie Robinson
First African-American to play professional baseball

Melvin Salveson
Creator of MasterCard

Walt Disney
Founder of Disney World and Disneyland

Eileen Collins
First Female Space Shuttle Astronaut

Billy Crystal
Actor and comedian

Natalie Merchant
Recording Artist

Francine Neff
Former US Treasurer

Arthur Goldberg
Supreme Court Justice

Clint Eastwood
Actor and Oscar-winning director

John Walsh
"America's Most Wanted" host

Rita Mae Brown

Brian Williams
NBC Broadcast news anchor